Pelsen Projects

Welcome to the Site

Welcome to the Pelsen Projects, a site created by Pelsen. This is the home for "World of Azgarn" and the new project "Silent Noise".



Added a mobile version of the site, for Ipad, Iphone etc.---Pelsen


We're trying out some new looks for the site. Please give response on the forums.

Also, we got a new team member. I_bring_doom, is our new terrainer, and is now working on re-creating the terrain I made. I myself is working on some triggers, and we'll expect to release the map sometime around Mars-April, or when I_bring_doom is done with the new terrain.

The Azgarn Library will be updated sometime this weekend.---Pelsen



Azgarn Library has been released!!! You can read about the story and even find secrets :O! The secret's can be locations of legendary weapons so read the text carefully!! :


Today I've added some new Forum Sections. I've also moved topics to the right forum. More will come!--Pelsen



I've added a chat feature to the site!-Pelsen


Today, I've added some more forum sections, and some Arcade games!-Pelsen